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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These are truly WOW

I am not here to give Microsoft Vista free advertisement but to report two truly deservingly labelled wow materials.

One when wow is used in a superlative sense and this is the concentration of brain power in MSR. Microsoft truly has the most powerful computational machine on earth.

The other worth being labelled wow material is being used in a surprise and rather pitiful sense. It's ironical and laughable that Microsoft's OneCare came in dead last. Perhaps if Microsoft spends as much time on activation scheme and DRM as on their AV, they may not come in last. I guess that's a sure way to ensure no one will pirate 0neCare, more effective than WGA or any activation scheme. While it's a pitifully bad AV, it turns out to be a very "competent" e-mail cleaner ;-)


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