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Monday, July 2, 2007

Comodo Anti-Virus Ver 2 beta not suitable for Tablet PC

Over the weekend, I decided to trade my trust AVG 7.5 with a new boy on the block called the Comodo Anti-Virus Version 2 beta, which is also free.

Anti-Virus these days in my mind has kind of grown beyond what they are suppose to do - catching virus. But this thing seems to do more - HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection System). Isn't that is your Comodo Firewall's role?

Anyway, this tool is not suitable for Tablet PC because it prevents the TIP (Tablet Input Panel) from coming up. If you cannot use TIP, you may as well be throwing the tablet away. It is probably being too aggressive equating to being dumb. It keeps asking me to allow and disallow things that Comodo Firewall is fully aware as harmless. Kind of like the Mac Vs Vista advertisement poking fun at the Vista UAC. Both Comodo Anti-Virus and Firewall are extremely dumb!

After trying in vain to get the TIP up, the next best thing was to uninstall it and put my trusty AVG back on. So good bye Comodo Anti-Virus.

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