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Monday, February 18, 2008

Resistance of knowledge

It is amazing some of the topics discussed in a book by Ed Deming [DEMING] book first published in 1982 talking about factory production quality issues are as relevant today in IT industry as in car production factory then.

One of his observations, which unfortunately is still plaguing the IT industry is the "Resistance of knowledge" in an 'knowledge' industry. Deming observes:
"There is a widespread resistance of knowledge. Advances of the kind in Western industry require knowledge, yet people are afraid of knowledge. Pride may play a part in resistance to knowledge. New knowledge brought into the company might disclose some of our failings. A better outlook is of course to embrace new knowledge because it might help us to do a better job."
So true and precise in his assessment done so many years ago. Imagine if this simple act of obstinacy is eliminated by swallowing one's pride, how much greatness would be accomplished with so little expenditure! So little process needs to set in place.

IT industry is more prone to this kind of resistance because of the players' characters. As a result, one has to be vigilant against this disease to prevent it from blinding oneself.

I have a collection full of examples to substantiate this observation.

[DEMING] "Out of the Crisis" by W. Edwards Deming, MIT Press 2000

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