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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Showcasing the genuine ones in financial hard time

Justin Brown decided to showcase those companies that stand by their staff in financial hard time by creating a web site. Well done.
"At the moment the world is all doom and gloom, recession, credit crunching and downsizing. This site gives you a chance to gloat that your business has not fallen victim to short-sightedness, that even through bad times you value your staff enough to keep them for when times are good."
Most companies only give lip-service when they tout that they value staff as assets but tough times sort out the sheep from the goats causing them to reveal their true selves.

Mincom, Pacific Brands and Vision Australia need not apply.

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Zijian said...

Sunrise at Channel 7 has been having slots for "Rejecting recession" showcasing companies ...

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