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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Customers/Consumers of electronic services always considered last

Recent report of the way Amazon resolving an essentially business transaction with its supplier just simply highlights the power of supplier of electronic services over customers or consumers that this kind of unfettered power is not permitted in other forms of service provision.

Why should something rendered as 1-and-0 be allowed to be treated any differently from something tangible? If it is tangible, Amazon will be prosecuted for break-and-entering and thief. But when it is delivered in 1-and-0's, it escapes scot free. Why is this be allowed or difference exist? Apple is a master in this kind of kind of practices.

This kind of attitude - it is better to get the customers to foot the bill for the provider's problems or mistakes - is wide spread in software world and it is time the license should be written to provide a more level playing field, subjecting to commercial software to public scrutiny is a start.

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