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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does NBN guarantees high adoption of Internet?

Is it a futile exercise to equate speed of Internet with high adoption? This is a question recently asked in US when confronted with this issue. According the newspaper article:

And maybe that won’t change, no matter how many social workers knock at their doors, and no matter how many years pass after Internet service has come to be accepted by their neighbors as a utility as essential as water and electricity. South Korea’s experience as a broadband pioneer is suggestive. The task force looked at 22 countries with broadband plans, seeking best practices that were well suited to the United States, and South Korea’s broadband initiative was of particular interest.

In 1999, South Korea began to help low-income and elderly households get PCs and become connected, and the outcome could be described as quite successful: “Today, 83 percent of households in Korea have adopted broadband access,” the report says. But one can also look at the remaining 17 percent and wonder what has prevented those households from getting online, despite the strenuous efforts of a government that has been a world leader in the broadband race.
A worthy lesson for promoter of NBN (National Broadband Network).

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