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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Annoying-ware from Microsoft's MSDN

Lately, Microsoft's MSDN web site has adopted similar tactic used by those inconsiderate Adware sites demanding you take some action or else it continues to annoy the hell out of you.

Here is what I mean:

You can see this is if you navigate to the MSDN library site. The 'Switch View' pop up is so annoying, anti-social, inconsiderate and so intrusive that is actually worse than many adware sites.

Look at how inconsiderate Microsoft has placed that pop up.It covers up the down button of the scroll bar. It is designed purely to annoy the user in much the same way as they designed the Vista UAC.

The idea of that pop up is to annoy you until you give in to switch to "Script Free". Hardly a good tactic to encourage feedback from user; you definitely get some negative ones from me. The following picture shows that even Microsoft cannot handle a machine running with 120DPI:

The 'Script free' option is half disappeared. Is this another annoying strategy employed by Microsoft?

Well done, Microsoft, you have succeeded in annoying your users and earn the same dubious title of that bestowed on Malware/Adware sites.

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