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Monday, February 1, 2010

iPad is not the thinnest...

iPad (or would it be iBad) is not the thinnest device on the market - a piece of paper is. Some may argue this is a stupid comparison but when a device that cannot show 70%-75% of the Internet graphic contents using Adobe flash, it is as functional to my piece of blank paper for showing the Internet contents.

Hence my rather sarcastic comparison is therefore not without merit and foundation.

Poor Apple also being caught out of false advertising displaying a web page containing flash content that can only be visualized by iPad owners with tonnes of imagination or boxes of crayons. The ability of flash to show graphic contents has proven too great a temptation for Apple to resist.

Something that every non-iPad or iPod owners could see and enjoy on his or her computers or smart phones is only a distance longing for iPad or iPod owners. But then again there are people who love to be controlled and dictated by Apple and will not mine throwing money at Jobs' feet for the contempt he dishes out to his customers.

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