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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a piece of gem

I am so glad that I have rediscovered this piece of gem titled "Good practice in software" by Les Hatton. It should be read by any aspiring or experienced developer. It is full of timeless advices and facts, like this:
Perhaps the biggest surprise in an industry awash with technology is that it doesn’t seem to make much difference. By far the biggest factor which emerges in most studies is the individual quality of the engineers who build a system and a few common-sense principles.  We have known this since the admirable book by Fred Brooks, [6] which every aspiring software producer should read. Rather than absorbing this powerful lesson, the computing industry became obsessed with the notion that the process or bureaucracy of building software was the most important part.  The evidence is to the contrary.  No matter how well- defined a process, the quality of the product still depends mostly on the quality of the engineers who build it. To this, a good process can bring consistency and accountability.
So true! People are forever darting from one language to another or from one technology to another in an escapist attitude to avoid the hard slog of learning the trade!

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