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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Slaying AVG2012's False Positive identification of my program as Luhe.Fiha.B

After I upgraded to AVG2012 some times ago, it has been causing me grieves when it picks on my C# program as one infected with Luhe.Fiha.B virus/trojan.

It is a simple program to perform date calculations and nothing sophisticated.

I requested the source out from the repository and rebuilt it from ground up. Still, AVG continued to pick on me. I am convinced that I am right and AVG is wrong. So finally, I come to a head to prove AVG is deadly wrong and dumb - a view I have held for a long long time for Anti-Virus programs, not just AVG.

Finally I have managed to prove beyond doubt AVG2012 is just another one of those dumb scanners lacking any form of intelligence.

Their false negative is caused by 2 BMP images in the application's icon list which are not even used. Once I removed these two 'offending' icons from the image list, AVG fails to raise the red flag.

If you have a similar experience, try to remove artifacts from your .Net projects. If AVG is interested to get hold of this ico file I can e-mail you. Just contact me.

However, by itself, AVG fails to identify it as Lihu.Fiha.B infected even when I ask AVG to scan it. It has to be used as the application ico in the C# project file for it to trigger the rage of AVG.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same issue. I replaced the icon and avg no longer complains.

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