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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In search of GPA replacement in Ubuntu continues ...

Since Ubuntu 11.10 onwards have declared GPA not supported, I have been in search of ways to use GPA and have found several schemes:
  1. Running old GPA at with root access and 
  2. Emacs with its plug-in 
Now, I believe I have found a third one which provides a very convenient GUI facility to encrypt and decrypt clipboard data as well as files and is also supported in Ubuntu 12.04.

Testings with KGpg, one of the front ends listed in GnuPG that is available for installation via Ubuntu Software Centre, indicate that it lives up to the expectations and does not required to use any tricks, such as root access or via an editor.

It is just a front end to the GnuPG installation standard to Ubuntu. Hence you can use "Passwords and Keys" to manage the keys or to use KGpg's user-interface. They share the same private and public key stores.

So far I am very happy with this front end and hopefully it will be supported in future version of Ubuntu.

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