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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A bug in Jorte Calendar - Always showing am in the Task popup

This is clearly a bug in Jorte Calendar version 1.5.10 running in Android 4.x.

If you create a Task and assign the start or/and end times as somewhere in the pm, in the brief view, shown here, it always shows am:
Notice the time circled in red.

If one goes ahead and edit this task, the full editing view shows a different story:

The times are clearly defined as in the pm and not in the am. In fact, regardless if one defines the time as am or pm, the brief version dialog box always shows am.

It therefore appears to show that the programmer has failed to parse the times and to choose the am or pm at all! It seems they have left that at the default, which I guess is the am.

While this Calendar app is one of the better ones in the Google Play, its user interface leaves plenty to be desired. For example when defining time, why put the AM/PM selector on the left hand side of the numeral where most others by convention and by standard putting it on the right?

Back to the drawing board and hopefully someone will test it properly and while at it, put the AM/PM selector on the right hand side of the numerals please. Or better still in the locale correct location.

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