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Friday, February 5, 2016

Lenovo SHAREit - turning a useful program into a useless one

I once enjoyed using Lenovo's SHAREit program on my Android phone and pairing it with the one that came with my Lenovo laptop and have been recommending it to others.

This was in the day of ver 2.x of this program. That version was not only functional but also lacking any of the fancy stuff. It worked wonderfully.

Like many software, Lenovo changed all that in version 3. Instead of letting the program running on the devices scanning for compatible ones, its only option offered to connect to the PC is to use the camera to look for a QR code from the laptop's version of SHAREit.

Surely just because there is a camera in the phone, you don't really have to use it in preference to a workable solution in ver 2. To work with version 3, even though all other facilities on the Android phone and laptop are unchanged, users have to do a version 3 upgrade.

It is not hard to find it and after I installed the version 3, it popped up the EULA and unless I allowed this program to suck up my personal and usage information and hauling it back to Lenovo, I could not use it.

So I treasure my information more than SHAREit and hence without hesitation I hit the decline button and so be it. I highly recommend everyone to do so as I am offering you a much less surveil method.

So disgust with Lenovo's SHAREit, I summarily uninstalled it from my laptop and all the Android phones I have. Good bye SHAREit with pleasure.

If your laptop and phone have bluetooth, why not put that into good use and you can follow this well written instructions to use it.

The best way to send file from the Android phone to the paired device is to use the share facility.

I encourage any user of SHAREit to uninstall it as it only puts a glossy veneer on top of facilities already there with the aim to capture your data.

If all else fail, the USB cable is just as good and one does not have to submit to Lenovo's unreasonable demand.

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