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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Firefox Focus - simple effective way to stop auto-completion on entering URL

Firefox Focus running on Android & iOS is highly recommended to protect your online privacy. It is fast and safe.

However, there is one annoying feature (still there in version 1.3 Build #10 for Android) when entering the URL into the address field. After you have type several alphabets, it then attempts to offer suggestion and perform auto-completion for you. All the time it is producing gibberish and then one has to use backspace to get rid of it and to start again.

There is no settings to turn this off and people have reported this bugs to Mozilla.

In the meantime, there is one simple effective way to stop this unintelligent auto-completion. To do this, before you enter the URL, type a space character first.

The space seems to stop Firefox Focus from trying to guess what you want to enter and you are then left alone entering the URL properly. Give that a try.

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