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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Keeping speeding driver honest

I was following a Hong Kong mini-van, which has a reputation of being a speeding maniac. Suddenly I noticed, through its rear window, a large LED display inside its cabinet hanging from the roof above the dashboard on the passenger's side.

It was displaying a number and was changing. Initially it seemed very meaningless to me but curiosity got better of me and a quick guess and comparison with my car's speedometer revealed that the figure being displayed was the actual speed of the van.

According to the local, this allows the passenger to keep the driver honest or at least giving them a hint when to hop off to safe their life.

I guess it can also allow citizen arrest or unmarked police car a clear idea if the driver of the van is speeding.

What a good idea! Instead of having radar trap, the driver is advertising its speed for all road users - driving or not - to make the decision. With so many mobile phone with camera around, it is not hard to take a snap and upload that to the police website to report offender.

It is a brilliant idea and country with road speed problem should adopt this.

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