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Sunday, January 7, 2007

One very good reason not to use Internet Explorer 7

The Microsoft Windows Updates tells me that the IE7 is available to download. So I dutifully allowed this to proceed. What a mistake that is. While it works as a competent browser, it has lost a very important key feature that I desperately need and use frequently.

I am an unwaivering supporter of using LUA (Least Privilege User Account) and I will not deviate from this highly secure modus operandi just to have tab browsing - I have already enjoyed tab browsing way before Microsoft has released IE7 by using Firefox.

After I have installed IE7, I have discovered that I cannot fire up iexplore.exe in the way advocated by Keith Brown to provide a "Windows Explorer" running in admin account. No matter how much I had tried to tweak the IE7, I could not get it to behave like a Windows Explorer. If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me and I will be willing to give the IE7 another try.

Until then I consider IE7 hostile to using LUA and therefore should not be used in machines that are setup using LUA.

Thankfully, there is an uninstallation option to revert the IE back to IE6. Credit must be given to Microsoft for making the reversion so smooth and painless. Now with IE6, I am happy again.

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