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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is Chrome Browser that crash hot?

Lately, the Internet is raving about the Chrome Browser from Google. While there are some features that I like and are better than Firefox and IE, it has problem in handling basic layouts.

This is the portion of a normal page on a small screen Fujitsu P1510 running with 120DPI settings when viewed by IE6:

The same port of the same page is rendered by Firefox v3.5.3 and captured as follows:

Notice the graph has been incorrectly laid out covering part of the text. Below is the same portion rendered on Google Chrome
Chrome suffers the same layout problem as in Firefox. So far the only browser that handles this basic layout correctly is the 'ancient' IE6 browser, despise so much hot-air being pumped into the Net about Chrome's JavaScript superiority.

Is it just pure hype? The figures don't lie.

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