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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Toxic bosses

According to Human Synergistics' report, toxic boss
encouraged staff to ''fit the mould'' at the cost of new ideas.

''This compliance approach to management crushes any spark of creativity or innovation,'' he said.

''Quite frankly, to encourage conformity in the current climate is business suicide.''

Sounds familiar indeed. How to recognise a toxic management or manager? Here are some of the signs

Moody, aggressive, unpredictable, incompetent, always blaming other people. A compulsive liar with a Jekyll and Hyde nature, the individual, male or female, is always charming and plausible when management are around.

Toxic bosses and toxic managers prevent staff doing their jobs and prevent employees fulfilling their duties. They thrive in a toxic work environment. Unpredictable moods, conflicting demands, inconsistent orders, random decision-making, inability to plan strategically, inability and unwillingness to communicate and co-operate, obstructive ... the list goes on. If management suddenly appoint a toxic boss as your manager, you'll realise that toxic shock syndrome is not just a female condition. If you've got a toxic manager, your problems have just begun. And they won't get better.

Spot on and very true observation.

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