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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some people just writing rubbish on the Internet

Consider this totally inaccurate and ignorant statement by Jason Hiner on ZdNet:
No Windows 7 tablets have hit the market, or even been officially announced.
Jason has either lived in the wilderness for the last few years or so ignorant to make such a statement. No Windows 7 tablet?

Is he joking? I was using one and listed on Fujitsu's product site. There are plenty of Windows 7 touchy type of touch-screen only device too if he cares to investigate. All of them can do that silly gesture to open and flick. The T4310 can do both - touch sensitive as well as using stylus to write in ink - something iPad can't do.

Just because Apple brought out a touch-sensitive device, just like those in use in check out counters, so may so called tech journalists are totally confused.

It is like saying a vehicle is not a car if it does not look like a Mini while accusing Toyota and Land Rover has yet to produce a car!

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