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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gpg4Win Fails in TChinese Windows

Further to my discovery of problem in Gpg4Win when the "Language for non-Unicode program" is not set to English, I decided to test it in Traditional Chinese Windows with "Language for non-Unicode program" set to same as the Unicode language (TChinese HK SAR) and to English US.

Sadly Gpg4Win will not allow me to enter passphrase when generating my key:

The captured screen shot did not show the mouse carot but it was actually inside the Passphrase edit box and no matter what I typed, nothing appearing.

The strange thing is that. I could enter my name and e-mail address, albeit very poor focusing handling, but only in the passphrase entry dialog did the program misbehave. This kind of misbehavior in part but not in other is common in this program.

Not deterred by this, my next test was to import a key that was generated in an English Windows XP. The import process worked fine.

But once again the Windows Explorer plug-in failed when I used the context menu to encrypt a small text file with the same misbehavior reported previously.

The next test is to use the File Manager (a rather clunky and clumsy user-interface. They should simply just make a Windows API call to invoke the familiar UI) from the GPA (GNU Privacy Assistance) to see if I could encrypt and decrypt the text file the loooooong way that could not be done via the Explorer plug-in.

Once again, like other features in Gpg4Win, parts work and other parts fail. The annoying things are those operations that fail aren't some exotic rarely used ones. I could encrypt a text file but when I tried to decrypt it, I was met with this familiar dialog box:
The content showed the correct armor text. To prove that the file was correctly encrypted, I took this file to an English Windows and it decrypted it fine. This clear shows another bug in Gpg4Win.

Gpg4Win 2.0.4 does not work in a non-English Windows or English Windows with non-English language for "Language for non-Unicode program" settings.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Korean, so I use Gpg4win 2.0.4 in Windows XP Korean version.
You're right. It doesn't work when I write the passphrase.
Thanks to write this post. It's really helpful for me.

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