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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who creates the ASPNET account in XP?

I have been using a couple of XP VM for development and suddenly I have to develop some ASP.Net. The VMs did not have IIS installed and only has .Net Framework 2 SP2, 3.0, and 3.5 as well as VS2008.

After installing the IIS, I was having trouble to launch some ASP.Net application. Upon some investigation, ASPNET, the default account for IIS 5.1 in XP, was not there!

So who was responsible for creating it?

It turns that one needs to install .Net Framework 1.1 to create that account irrespective if IIS 5.1 is installed or not. What distracted me was the presence of v1.1.4322 sub-directory in the Framework as it turned out it was placed there when I installed .Net Framework 2.0 SP1.

It is not the same as running the installation script for .Net Framework 1.1.

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