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Monday, September 17, 2012

INGDirect fails to generate OFX 1.0.2 compliant document

The Australia online bank www.ingdirect.com.au seems to have a good track record of not testing if their generated download files conforming to the correct specification.

Now it is failing to generate OFX 1.0.2 compliant data file for the online customer.

It seems their developer has trouble understanding this DTD specification:


As a result, their OFX document does not contain BANKACCTFROM and LEDGERBAL elements. When GnuCash tries to import this malfomed document, GnuCash fails to recognize any valid transactions in the BANKTRANLIST element. KMyMoney reports that 'No Accounts found' error.

Have they attempted to import their test document into any accounting packages?

It is a worry when developers in a financial institution cannot even understand the basic DTD in the Open Financial eXchange specification. If they can't write an OFX compliance library, perhaps they should download this LibOFX library.

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