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Monday, October 1, 2012

Android 'smartphone' cannot create bi-weekly events

Further to my reporting on this issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note, I went to dig a bit deeper to see whose fault it is - Samsung or its underlying operating system Android.

Just to recap, here are the only options offered to me when I try to create a repeatable events in Galaxy Note:

What is so difficult with 'Bi-weekly' - 2 x 7 days interval?

It turns out that this defect appears to be caused by the underlying operating system - Android - and is found in HTC, Samsung Nexus, Samsung S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note. The only thing that is common amount them is the Android operating system.

Anyone with an Android phone can try their hands to see if they can create an event that repeats every 2 weeks on the Calendar/Appointment manager that is shipped with their machine.

It begs the question why these developers and product managers that oversee their development could be so ignorant of this basic business requirement. Have they not used any other calendar programs in their life? Or are they so arrogant that they just want to be different for the sake of being different?

Perhaps they are so insular from living their entire life in Google Calendar, which could do this, that they do not understand that there are users out there that do not live like them? If that is the case, it is worth them to remember this simple phase: "There are more users than developers"

Well Apple has that covered in iOS, which is more business friendly. Perhaps Apple should run a TV advertisement much like the Mac Vs PC version to highlight Android phone's failure to support this basic business requirement.

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