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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dumb algorithm in Yahoo Mail is a laughing stock

I tried to send an e-mail to a Yahoo mail recipient warning him about not to use the e-mail account's password as the password when registering on site that asks him for his e-mail address. I cited the case of LinkedIn. I told him site other than his e-mail account has no right to know his e-mail account's password.

The e-mail was blocked with the "554 Message not allowed - [298]" and Yahoo is the only mail server blocking that message as the other recipients in other mail services have no problem. Clearly their services are smarter than dumb Yahoo.

Not deter and to demonstrate how easy to by-pass Yahoo's so-called algorithm and automatic scanning of the mail content to block offending materials, I simply use the Windows' Snipping tool to convert the content to a bitmap and embedded that into the content of the message.

The exact content is preserved and the dumb Yahoo algorithm is by-passed!! If it was objectionable to Yahoo, the same objectionable content is being waved past as it totally lacks any intelligent. It is not even steganography.

What Yahoo has done is nothing but a theatrical. What a joke their implementation is.

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