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Monday, August 22, 2016

Remove Nagware from Foxit Reader (Linux) version 2.1.0805

It is disappointing to see a perfectly good, useful, and feature rich PDF viewer damaging its reputation by engaging nagware in the latest version of Foxit Reader for Linux.

The nagware is very persistent trying to force user to use ConnectedPDF every time one launches Foxit Reader. There is no way to tell it to stop pestering me.

Furthermore, in the preference dialog box, the settings for ConnectedPDF fails (possibly deliberately) to remember my change in the setting for "Use ConnectedPDF Format". I unchecked the "Automatically save PDF files in ConnectedPDF format" but the dialog box failed to record my change.

If you are annoyed by this nagware or pester-ware and have no intention of using ConnectedPdf, you can get rid of it easily.

Just go to the foxit reader's installation directory, typically in ~/opt/foxitsoftware/foxitreader, and either rename or delete the fxplugins folder to summarily dismiss the pesterware. You may have to elevate your privilege in order to accomplish that. Once this is done, you will not see the nagware again. Peace at last.

Shame on you Foxit and that is a good way to drive away users.

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Eli said...

Thanks for posting this solution! It's been driving me nuts to click on that dialogue every time. I'm hoping they'll fix it soon; it'd be a shame to have to switch readers because of such a minor annoyance.

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