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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

IE7 Uptake stagnant - that's obvious.

Recently PC World reports that the uptake of IE7 has stagnant even with the release of Vista.

It does not really need much to work out exactly why. If MS wants everyone to move over to IE7, all it has to do is to remove the WGA check on installation. The slimy thing is that its Windows update downloads IE7 first before asserting if the Windows is WGA compliant.

To me it seems like a deliberate act of wasting people's Internet bandwidth.

Removing that check may restore some fondness to upgrade to IE7. Besides who needs IE7, those failing WGA check are mightily happy with Firefox and I am sure that they are promoting Firefox willingly rather than IE7.

Even on my WGA compliant machine, I do not install IE7 for good reason.

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