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Friday, January 8, 2010

CBA Netbank Text Mode Screen

CBA Netbank exhibits some frustrating and random log in behavior that should never be tolerated in a commercial Internet application, particularly from one of the Big-Four in Australia.

The problem randomly shows up the minute when you click the log in button after you have submitted the client number & password. In Firefox, it shows the page saying 'Server Not Found' and in IE8 it simply says that the page cannot be displaced. Some times you can log in and log off numerous time without seeing problem like this. But other time, you may have to put up with this rubbish.

In Firefox, if you repeatedly clicking on 'Try Again' button or hitting Ctrl-R, it will eventually come good and log you in. From time to time, depends on your click, you can be presented with a rarely seen text mode like this:

All the links on this page are active and you can click on it to get back to the graphical version.

If you get the 'Server not found' page and then go back to the log in screen immediately and supplying invalid log in credentials, CBA Netbank immediately echos back that your log in credentials are invalid. So it is connecting to the CBA Server alright.

This is a very annoying problem. Because of its randomness, one cannot reliably dependent on every log in being successful and not knowing how many clicks on 'Try Again' are needed to get one logged in.


vincent said...

I thought it was just insufficient server capacity. I guess I'll hammer it with "try agains" when it happens now.

vincent said...

I thought it was just insufficient server capacity during the peak hours of the day (I've never had this happen during late evenings around midnight).

I guess I'll be hammering "try again" when it occurs now.

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